ZVOX SB380 Sound Bar

With Back To School already in full motion, audio giant ZVOX is trying to make the return for all college students bearable in the only way it knows how – awesome sound quality.

ZVOX has returned with its highly-anticipated SB380 Sound Bar. SOHH/getFRUSH’s put together our personal Top 5 reasons this is very necessary in every college dorm room. Peep ’em below!

1. The Sound

The first reason you need to get your hands on ZVOX’s newest audio must-have is because of the insanely crisp sound. ZVOX breaks the sound/value barrier in home theater audio with the SB380 — its first-ever advanced sound bar system with AccuVoice dialogue-boosting technology for under $300. Whether you’re low-key battling it up in Call of Duty or clocking in steady work on Madden 18, FIFA 18 or NBA 2K18, this soundbar is life.

2. Did We Mention Price?

The second thing you’re going to love is the price. Don’t get all worked up over the $299.99 price tag. At that price and quality, it’s like getting a fresh pair of KD’s or King James Nike kicks in the clearance aisle. At just $300, you’re getting the sound quality and awesomeness at the price of about three text books.

3. Packing A Heavy Punch

The SB380 (SRP $299.99) is an aluminum-cabinet sound bar enclosing three high-performance speakers and a built-in powered subwoofer – no external sub is required. In other words, you’re not just buying a dinky speaker – you’re getting three jam-packed ones with a powered up subwoofer that’ll have things shaking – literally – if you turn up the bass too loud.

4. Bigger & Better

The fourth big thing you’ll love about this sound bar is the fact it’s ideal for those 37″ to 65″ TV’s. Let’s face it, this isn’t 2007 anymore, college dorms come packed with 40″ or larger sets. Do yourself and your roommate(s) good by getting a respectable sound bar packed with enough punch to hold you down all eight semesters (or more).

5. The ZVOX Signature

The fifth reason this sound bar is destined for a college dorm room near you is because of ZVOX’s track record. ZVOX, a pioneer of simple home theater solutions is recognized for introducing the first commercially successful sound bar in 2004, the first SoundBase TV audio system in 2008, and the first speaker dedicated to dialogue clarity in 2016. Based in Swampscott, MA, the company was founded in 2003 by audio enthusiasts looking to create great sound using simple, elegant designs. In other words, the company’s sort of a big deal.

For more info and to grab your own, JUST CLICK HERE.

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