XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster “S/T” Album: “We Brought Back Long Beach Legend Domino”


XL Middleton Eddy

Tired of the same rap bars? Need a little something different in your audio stash? Wanna take it back with a modern funk twist?

Today, check out music duo XL Middleton and Eddy Funkster‘s top five reasons you should buy their new self-title album! [Make sure to read each reason to grab your own copy from SOHH/getFRUSH.com!]

Reason 1: You’ve Never Heard Synth Funk Like This

This is music by west coast funksters who were born and bred from the golden era of hip hop. The result is heavy and thick, with the hard-thumping drum programming that hip hop aficionados thirst for, along with the intricate synth work that modern funk has become known for. [CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR COPY NOW!]

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