Wale’s Self Promotion EP: “It Leaves You Wondering What Else He Has In The Chamber”

Wale Self Promotion

Tired of your music stash? Want some fresh tunes as you await a huge batch of June releases? Could you use a little Maybach Music Group in your life?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should grab Wale’s new Self Promotion EP right now!

Reason 1: Made You Look

The first reason you should grab Wale’s new Self Promotion EP is because it literally came out of nowhere. Ralph Folarin has made a knack lately of putting out quality music with little to no promotion behind it. He recently dropped his It’s Complicated EP which showcases a softer, open version of everyone’s favorite Washington, DC rapper. Even before then the dope “All Star Break Up” banger arrived right before NBA All Star Weekend started up. Forget the promotion and months of hype, Wale is out here putting quality work into your hands and it’s ridiculously refreshing.

[The intro is straight fire…]

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