Tribit QuietPlus Headphones – 5 Reasons You Should Buy This Game-Changing Headset

The wait is over for a pair of headphones set to do much more than level up your listening goals. Audio giant Tribit has officially released its new QuietPlus headphones line and they are setting the standard in comfort and audio quality. 

With most fancy headphones coming with a massive price tag – which isn’t the most convenient during these tough times – Tribit’s QuietPlus comes to the rescue with everything you’re looking for in a pair of affordable headphones. Check out the top five reasons these are worth owning.

Reason 1 – The QuietPlus Carrying Case Alone

Without name-dropping any specific brands, let’s just say there have been some headphones with a price tag easily over $200 offering nothing more than a thin, non-protective carrying case. Before you even get to your QuietPlus headphones, you are provided a sturdy, clean-looking – and smelling – oval case which really sets the standard for your headphones. Whether you’re traveling across the country or have a knack for tossing your headphones into your purse or book bag, the carrying case makes life that much easier with security and protection for your QuietPlus headset. 

Reason 2 – Noise Cancellation Is A Must 

The noise-cancellation feature on these QuietPlus headphones is vital. There’s nothing worse than turning up to some Drake “Toosie Slide” vibes or a little Lizzo and getting called out on the train to turn down your music. Fortunately, the noise cancellation reserves an entire party of one just for you and it’s pure VIP treatment. The sound quality is beyond amazing and not having to worry about outside noises makes these ideal. Whether you’re surrounded in quarantine with about four or five sibling going nuts or everyone binging “Tiger King” – these headphones cancel the outside world and keep you in your own vibe.

Reason 3 – Insane Battery Life

The battery life is nuts. If you’ve ever experienced the worst feeling in the world, then you know having a battery charged up is vital. Getting caught during a workout or at the library when your wireless headphones die out is horrible. And while the AUX cable is a last-minute life-saver, there’s nothing better than Bluetooth capabilities. 30 hours of battery life make the QuietPlus headphones a no-brainer.

Reason 4 – Fold Up

If you’ve ever lost a pair of headphones, then you know the second worst feeling is having them break on you. While the case is a game-changer and puts these headphones in a class enjoyed by only a select few other brands, the flat-foldable design is amazing. Whether you need to take your headphones off while going through TSA and don’t want to go through the hassle of digging for the case or in times you forget your case, just fold up the headphones and set them to the side. This makes is convenient to pop them back onto your head once you’re ready to quickly resume some tunes.

Reason 5 – Amazing Comfort

If you’re going to go the full 30 hours of battery life, you might as well have a pair of headphones with some major comfort. Rest assured the QuietPlus headphones deliver plenty of comfort and cushy feelings around your ears no matter how many hours you want to go. If you want to really test these out, then try them with a power nap while listening to some ocean waves or rain falling. It’s like having a pair of Casper pillows on both ears. 

Ready to grab your own pair? Check out the full line-up at!

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