The Mountain Tees – “See Clinton Fight Off Alligators W/ A Machine Gun”


Still want to represent President’s Day in a fashion like no other? Need a t-shirt to catch people’s attention but also school them with a history lesson as well? Look no further than The Montain tees!

Today, check out the top five reasons you need to get your hands on America’s Greenest T-Shirt company for a variety of dope shirts ranging from Bill Clinton fighting off alligators to John F. Kennedy riding a robotic unicorn on the moon!

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1. Eco Friendly


They’re eco friendly – so you’re supporting the environment AND showing your patriotism (with these shirts, in particular, especially). The Mountain creates, develops, dyes and prints its products in Marlborough, NH and ships from Keene, NH USA, which helps to make the brand’s carbon footprint much smaller than most companies that dye and printing overseas. Additionally, more than 80% of the cotton in The Mountain’s shirts is grown in the USA.


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2. Celebs Love The Mountain


Celebrities including Jack Black, Lena Dunham and Heidi Klum have all been spotted sporting tees from the Mountain (insert image of jack black). Joe Manganiello even appeared on a recent episode of Comedy Central’s @Midnight sporting the brand’s Three-Wolf Moon t-shirt.


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3. No Shrinkage


The Mountain shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton (even the thread that holds it together is cotton). If washed according to the label instructions, in cold water, not only will your shirt stay at the same size as when you purchased it, but also the print will remain vibrant for years to come.


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4. Laugh Out Loud


Lincoln on a grizzly? How about a motorcycle? We all know JFK never would have been on the moon, riding a robotic unicorn, let alone see Clinton fight off alligators with a machine gun. They’re silly, and that’s what makes them fun.


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5. The Mountain Makes More Than Just Tees


You can sport The Mountain year-round. They make tank tops, sundresses, sweatshirts, tee shirts, and more. Check out for more!




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