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Next Thursday (May 23) the Wolfpack is making its way back to the big screen to wrap up their four-year party-hopping saga. As “the three best friends that anybody could have” and Doug get ready for their final adventure, they take it back to where it all started: Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas. Even without roofies, Alan finds himself separated from the group and stuck in the famed Ceasar’s Palace sign while trying to get away from New Horizons, the rehab center he claims he doesn’t need. This one’s the end to an epic trilogy, so if you need a reason to make your way to the movies on a Thursday night, check out SOHH’s top five reasons to check out Warner Bros. comedic summer hit, The Hangover Part III.

1. Third Time’s The Charm

When it comes to trilogies, it’s very hard to top the original, but director Todd Phillips has done an excellent job with the franchise. The action is in place with the return to Las Vegas, and the Wolfpack pretty much all in tact, at least as far as you can tell from the movie trailer. What started out as a movie you might consider seeing in 2009 turned into a must-see follow-up in 2011 and transformed into the I’m-calling-out-sick-today-to-go-see-this-flick! The anticipation is at an all-time high to see how this comedic trilogy comes to an end.
Reason 2: The Wolfpack

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