“The Gambler” Blu-Ray/DVD: “The Extras Give You A Really Great, Under The Hood, Analysis Of The Movie-Making Process”

The Gambler Prize Pack

Are you tired of boring movies? Need a new flick to add to your Blu-Ray/DVD stash? Wanna get down with Hollywood stud Mark Wahlberg‘s latest movie?

Today, check out director Rupert Wyatt’s top five reasons you should buy the new “The Gambler” movie on Blu-Ray/DVD! [Make sure to read each reason to win your own Blu-Ray/DVD!]

Reason 1: Special Features

As a movie fan as well as a movie maker, I’ve always loved DVDs and the additional content, the extras. I feel like they give you a really great, under the hood, analysis of the movie-making process, and what goes into it and the insight of the various people involved. I was very thrilled that Paramount and the producers were very enthusiastic to see that happen on this movie. We get a lot of in-depth material. It’s about different aspects of the movie on “The Gambler” and so that was great.

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Reason 2: The Colors

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