Talib Kweli “Gravitas” CD/Vinyl – “Production Is Stellar – Oh No, Statik Selektah, Khrysis…”

Last December, Talib Kweli unleashed Gravitas his sixth studio album giving fans the opportunity to buy it directly from the man himself in digital version. Now, due to its success, the rapper brings us the album on must-have versions on CD and vinyl.

Today, Talib Kweli, gives you his top five reasons why Gravitas on CD and vinyl is a necessity in every hip hop fans’ life!
-Nikita Rathod

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1. I Am ME

I’m me! I pay attention to what younger artists are doing and use that for inspiration, but I also do not depend on the constructs of the music industry, I build industry around myself.


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2. The Dopest Production

The production is stellar – Oh No, Statik Selektah, Khrysis, RichKidd, 6th Sense and J Dilla. I like lush, melodic sounds with hard drums. The producers on this album are the best at doing that to me. The last album was meant to exist outside of the world of hip hop, this is more “hip hop”.


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3. Hip Hop Demands Vinyl

Who doesn’t love blue vinyl? Vinyl is not just a format to hear music, but in hip hop it’s also an instrument to create music. So my fans demand vinyl.


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4. Story of An Artist’s Power

I tell you the story of how every song got made in the liner notes. The songs were inspired by the format, by the idea that artists can have this control that’s what “Inner Monologue”, “New Leaders”, “Art Imitates Life” and “Demonology” are about specifically.


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5. For TRUE Music Fans

Talib Kweli

Why buy this CD? Because you are a true music fan who appreciates when artists put effort into packaging. There is a booklet that explains how each song was created, and the vinyl is blue, but it’s pretty no frills.




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