SuperFly: “See Rick Ross Grace The Big Screen” [Grab Free Movie Passes Right Now!]


Do you need a great movie to go see? Tired of the sci-fi and over-the-top superhero stuff? Want to pay homage to a true urban classic?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should go check out Director X‘s SUPERFLY when it arrives in theaters Wednesday, June 13! [Make sure to read each reason and grab your passes in select U.S. cities for Monday, June 11 screenings!]

Reason 1: A New Classic

The first reason you should go see SUPERFLY when it comes out in theaters Wednesday, June 13 is because it is finally time for a classic urban classic to receive the modern treatment. It’s no offense to other franchises which go deep with remaking children’s films over and over again but finally a grown up movie going back to the 70’s is finally here. It would be one thing to completely remake Superfly and have everything based back then but Director X – who we’ll get to in a minute – took the direction and idea of focusing on what Superfly would look like in today’s times. It pays homage to the classic while also creating new concepts and ways to handle similar situations in modern times.

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