Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER: “Idris Elba Vs Matthew McConaughey In An All-Out War!”

The Dark Tower

Do you need to end summer right? Tired of boring movies? Want to hit the theater for an all-out action adventure film?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy tickets to see The Dark Tower when it hits movie theaters Friday, August 4! [Make sure to read each reason and grab your Los Angeles and New York City screening passes!]

Reason 1: The Non-Stop Trailer

The first reason you should buy tickets to go see The Dark Tower when it arrives in theaters Friday, August 4 is because the trailer is all-out intensity. Most times people say do not judge or put all of your faith in a sneak peek but when you have some of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the same flick and a trailer like the one above, is there any doubt this movie is going to be amazing? This teaser is all about good versus evil, even if the good comes in the form of a gun-slinging Idris Elba!

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