Staff FRUSH Pick – Beats Solo2


Beats By Dre is much more than a dope headphones company with Dr. Dre‘s name in it. It’s also a lot more than your favorite celebrities wearing them. The hip-hop mogul’s headphones are a necessity.

One of the best things about the recently released iPhone 7 is the shock and fear it put into people’s heads when they found out it did not have a traditional headphone jack. Sure, you took personal offense and if you’re anything like me, the first question you angrily asked was, “Then how do I use my expensive headphones?!” Yes, I feel your pain but the future is here. Enter, the Bluetooth era.

Bluetooth has been around for a minute, more than ten years at least, but it wasn’t until the iPhone 7 where you felt forced into either adjusting or remaining outdated. Enter, Beats Solo2.

These headphones are much more than awesome. They are Bluetooth-ready and deliver even crisper sound than the typical headphones you plug in. You are relying on digital waves and codes rather than compromising sound with your plug-ready headphones. Cut the wires and find out how much better your music experience really can be!

For $199.95, these could be us. Grab more info here:

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