Sprayground Backpacks: “Space Explorer, Bag To The Future, Dr. Strange Air Magic Are Must-Haves!”

The annual SOHH.com/getFRUSH.com holiday gift guide has finally arrived! From now through December 30th, check out the hottest must-haves and check out the top five reasons you should get them!

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy a Sprayground backpack! [Make sure to read each reason and win your own bag!]

Reason 1: The Space Explorer Jetpack


The first reason you should buy Sprayground backpacks is because of the new Space Explorer Jetpack. Face it, we’re living in times where movies like Gravity and Interstellar are winning big at both the box office and awards shows. Space rules! With this new release, you can reach new heights with its 3D molded jet pack backpack. With a custom molded tough exterior the 3D molded jet pack is the first of its kind and only available from Sprayground. With a price tag of just $100, you can’t go wrong with this! [Buy your Space Explorer Jetpack by clicking here!]

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