Ride Or Die: 3 Real-Life Black Daredevils Really About That Life

Terry Kennedy

[With anticipation high af for the new thrill-heavy Flatliners flick, getFRUSH’s pumped and has three extreme sports athletes you gotta know. Peep ’em below!]

1. Nigel Sylvester

One of the best professional street BMX rider’s in the world. He became addicted in finding locations to experiment his arsenal of tricks.

2. Terry Kennedy

American professional skateboarder, he rides his skateboard with a regular footed stance and is best known for his crazy tricks on Bam Margera’s “Viva La Bam.”

3. James Stewart Jr.


American professional motocross racer who has won over eighty-four national titles all before the age of 16.

Flatliners hits theaters Friday, September 29

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