FRUSH Pick – Quilly’s “Poppin My Collar” Freestyle

Philly native Quilly drops a dope new freestyle today, “Poppin My Collar“, with the hilarious @Welvendagreat appearing on the cover.

With over 693,000 followers on Instagram and over 143,000 fans on Vine, Welven is a growing sensation in the world of social media comedy, which makes sense why he would be on the cover of Philly’s fastest growing rapper, in the world of hip hop music. With the recent co-sign by 50 Cent, Quilly has all rap rights to flip the “Poppin My Collar” freestyle, and you won’t be disappointed!

Click the link to listen to Phillies #1 breakout artist, Quilly, “Poppin My Collar” Freestyle!

[soundcloud url=”″]

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