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Audiences around the world have flocked to theaters for the Paranormal thrillers for the past five years, and now fans have another chance to see the most real life horror film home. Paranormal Activity 4, starring Matt Shively and Kathryn Newton, hits store shelves from coast to coast today, giving people the chanced to be scared s—less in their own homes. So if the studio-made horror flicks haven’t been up to par for you lately, be sure to get your copy of Paranormal Activity 4 on Blu-Ray and DVD today! And if you need a little push, check out Matt Shively’s top five reasons to pee in your pants this weekend!

1. Paranormal Activity In Real Life

It’s extremely funny, so it has the perfect amount of laughs with the perfect amount of scares. Kathryn was constantly coming to set with new things about how her lights were turning on on their own, her TV turned off in the middle of the night just randomly, all of these ridiculous things that said Toby was going home with her. Luckily he chose her and not me. I don’t know how she’s doing though, I haven’t talked to her in about a month…she might be gone.
Reason 2: Screaming Kids

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