OGIO: Flex Form Gym Bag – “Whether Twerking Or Working, What More Motivation Do You Need?”



The winter holidays are officially here and SOHH/GetFrush are saving you time by dishing out the top presents you gotta get your hands on. From must-have gadgets, audio swag, new music, fresh gear and more, we have you covered! Today, peep the top five reasons you need to call up the family and friends to peep the new OGIO: Flex Form Gym Bag!

1. Can You Dig It


The bag has multiple pockets for all of your gym needs. Let’s face it, it’s 2014 and even strolls to the gym require you to bring a smartphone, tablet, water bottle, protein shake and a bunch of other things. Do yourself a favor and space them out so when it’s game time, you’re ready to go.

2. Make Me Feel So Good


The bag is incredible comfortable to wear. It’s hard enough to have motivation to hit the gym, so at least feel comfortable in doing it. Whether you’re twerking or working, what more motivation do you need? Everyone’s New Year resolution is to get their body in shape and this gym bag will get you in the mental state you need to be in.

3. Road Dog


It’s made by the dependable OGIO brand and it’s going to last for the long-term. No matter how hard you work out at the gym, your Flex Form bag will always be there for you. Through those long, sweaty workouts to the quickies, you can always count on it.

4. Pick & Choose


Your bag is your main weapon of choice, after gym shorts, when you hit the facility and the Flex Form is designed to stand and collapse down with ease.

5. Decisions, Decisions


You don’t have to worry about getting hustled down to those “one size fits all” pitches. The Flex Form comes in two different sizes, so you choose what works best for you. After all, who knows you better than you? Well, aside from your trainer…


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