Netflix’s “Rapture” Series: “Take The Time & Make This Your Next Binge-Worthy Must-See”

Rapture Netflix

Did you ever wonder how some hip-hop starts landed their big break? That question has baffled me for years now. Some of these musicians either show up too early, too late, or probably never should’ve been in the game at all.

The new Netflix “Rapture” documentary-series takes on some of those stories. The stories these artists tell are nothing short of inspirational. We all love a good comeback story or a tale of someone defying the odds. This series focuses on those that made it and the incredible story they have to tell. Here are the top five reasons to make “Rapture” your next binge-worthy Netflix series.

Reason 1: Logic

I’ll be the first to say I am not a huge Logic fan. His story though reached out to me in many different ways. I did not know he was bi-racial. I honestly did not know this about him. It may have been my ignorance but I am now educated on the matter and how he broke it down was spot on. Being a white kid who was also black, you don’t really know where you fall in and his music is a representation of his struggles to fit in. Also, being from Maryland it was dope to see a lot of the places he performed because I remember going to those places with my college buddies.

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