Naked Loft Co.: “Face It, Generic Art You See In Everyone’s House Sucks”

Are you bored with your household artwork? Need some inspiration? Don’t want to blend in with everyone else?

Today, check out SOHH/getFRUSH’s top five reasons you should buy one, two, three maybe even five pieces of artwork from Naked Loft Co. right now! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own Naked Loft Co. prize!]

Reason 1: The Non-IKEA Factor

The first reason you should buy a handful of incredible pieces of artwork from Naked Loft Co. is because everyone – just about everyone – has IKEA artwork in their house and well, it’s pretty embarrassing. When you’ve seen your artwork not only in your home, obviously, but in cheesy reality TV shows, at your friends house and people know you bought your artwork from IKEA? It’s definitely not a good look. Face it, generic art you see in everyone’s house sucks. While there are the low-key things we’ll always get at IKEA, you shouldn’t have to compromise your artistic expression with something any and everyone can get their hands onto. [BUY YOUR OWN NAKED LOFT CO. ARTWORK NOW! CLICK HERE!]

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