Middle Earth: Shadow Of War – 5 Reasons You Need To Cop This Video Game ASAP: “God of War Meets Lord of the Rings”

Shadow of War

[With temperatures dropping and less reasons to head out, SOHH correspondent Ryan Proctor has checked out the new Middle Earth: Shadow of War video game and delivered five reasons you need to stay cooped up with this must-own title! Peep ’em below!]

1. Creation of the New Ring of Power

Fans of the films will be happy to see somewhat of a plot twist with the creation of a new ring of power, unlike the one Lord Sauron created. The source of your power in this game all revolves around the strength of the ring.

2. God Of War Meets Lord of the Rings

The button mashing classic appears at the heart of this game. The combinations and bad ass executions are at the forefront of the combat side of this game. Also, a strong story accompany the game for those who were fans of the first one, Shadow of Mordor. But, beware, the Captains will adapt to your fighting style.

3. The Nemesis System

Much like the first game, the Nemesis system shows you all the possible villains/captains in your path through the story. With each villain you kill you get stronger, but also, whichever captain kills you, that captain becomes stronger and works their way through the ranks of Sauron’s army. This system now also shows what Captains are under your power, keep this in mind as you ready to storm other regions.

4. Nothing Will Be Forgotten

Decisions. Decisions. The growing trend amongst these newer generation games is the ability of choice. Shadow of War adds it own spin to this capability. Just remember the decisions you make, can’t be undone and can either help or hinder your quest to take down the Dark Lord.

5. Relive The Battles of Old

As many battles unfolded in the books as well as the movies, this time certain side quests allow you to participate as Celebrimbor fought against Lord Sauron. Also, see the reveal of how the one Ring answers to only Lord Sauron.

Make sure you get out and get this game. Great action, gameplay and story of you’re into Lord of the Rings or were a fan of the first game. Chalk it up as a solid 9/10 for me!

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