Maria & Ricardo’s Artesano Wraps

Fantastico Black Bean Enchiladas:

We replaced our Trader Joes Handmade Tortillas with Maria & Ricardo’s Ancient Grains Tortilla Artesano Wraps for a surprising twist on our black bean enchilada dinner. I was a little relunctant about the switch — ancient grains of chia, quinoa and amaranth sounded a bit risque for this traditional mexican dish. But I was surprised at how well the Maria & Ricardo’s performed — the texture is nimble and soft, folding to envelope the refried beans and cheese perfectly. They baked up nicely, the edges golden brown and delicately crispy yet soft enough for my kids to easily cut the tortillas with their knives and forks. And with such wholesome, non-gmo ingredients, there’s no reason to go back to plain old wheat tortillas. Maria & Ricardo’s Artesano Wraps w/ Ancient Grains are definitely a GET!

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