Maino’s “King of Brooklyn 2” Album – “You See Me Walking Around W/ A Crown On”

It’s the time of the year when you have to dig into your pockets and go for broke in an effort to make friends and family happy. SOHH and getFRUSH once again have you covered this holiday month with cool gadgets, gear and some free stuff you need ASAP!

Today, check out rap veteran Maino’s top five reasons his new King of Brooklyn 2 album is worthy for anyone and everyone this holiday season! [Make sure to read each reason to get a free taste of the album!]

Reason 1: Dopeness

The first reason you should get the new album is because it’s hot. It’s not the features that make it dope, it’s the songs and album itself that make it dope. I don’t even reach out for the features until I actually know that the song is fire.

[Get your listen on! Keep reading.]

Reason 2: Hot

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