Lauren Sanderson’s SPACES EP: “Half Of These Songs Were Recorded In My Closet”

Lauren Sanderson

Need to hear some new music? Bored with what’s on the radio? Gotta update your tunes stash?

Today, check out music newcomer Lauren Sanderson‘s top five reasons you gotta pick up her new SPACES EP! [Check out each reason and grab your own copy!]

Reason 1: Number One Spot

The first reasons you should get my new SPACES EP is because it is currently #1 on the R&B charts… SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY, my supporters did THAT. I can honestly say when I saw myself next to SZA, Khaled, etc, I literally did a double take and started jumping on my hotel bed. It’s absolutely crazy to me that this is only the second project and my supporters really took it all the way. I will never forget this day and I can’t thank them enough for that.

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