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ODG C.E.O. and artist J-Hood has returned with a new mixtape of impressive features he has worked on in the past few years. This tape serves as a nice reminder of why Hood made a name for himself alongside one of the most beloved and respected rap groups in Hip Hop, the LOX some years ago. Still grustlin’ on the independent scene, the Yonkers NY native links up with Super, DJ Far and DJ Piombo to bring listeners twenty-seven short tracks of fire on this drop.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download Featuring Hood.

1. Best Of The Best

Although Hood is currently on the indie route, that hasn’t stopped his persistence in regards to mixtape drops and guest appearances. Featuring Hood is a compilation of the features Hood did for other artists over the past two years. On a skit, Hood explains exactly what the listeners can expect. “This is the Featuring Hood mixtape which is basically just verses I had did for n*gg*s within the last past year and a half and two years and all that. I just decided to make a full tape for the fans and just feed em’ since these songs are already out.”


2. D-Block Pioneer

J-Hood was a pioneering member of the Yonkers bred D-Block crew which also consisted of LOX members Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch. Hood was recognized as being one of the illest young cats doing it and was featured on the hottest mixtapes in the early to late 2000’s from DJ Clue?, Kay Slay, Big Mike, Whoo Kid, and Kool Kid. In addition, he was also featured on the LOX solo efforts during that time. By now everyone knows of the discord that took place which resulted in Hood leaving D-Block after years of putting work in. Fans were shocked and dismayed by the outcome of the situation which included a chain dragging and a few diss records from Hood. After sometime though, Hood put out a record stating the wrongs on his side with the song “Grown Man Sh*t” and recently Jadakiss appeared on The Combat Jack Show admitting Hood had the right to be upset over his album never dropping. Moving forward with no grudges held, Hood has his own company ODG Entertainment (On Da Grind) and he lives up to that title still spitting with the ferociousness fans praised him for from the start.

3. Line For Line

Hood still reps with that true New Yorker flow complete with witty punchlines and metaphoric power in each verse. Hood also brings that authentic voice of pain and the everyday struggle that’s deeply rooted in reality. Featuring Hood has a barrage of these types of verses, and you can still sense the hunger and passion for music he has had for many years now. Joints like “Sin” finds Hood blacking out.

“Pardon me but I’m cocky b*tch/
How could I not be?/
Have a top 5 well I better be in ya top 3/
Ya favorite rapper is not me/
That n*gga super bunz/
So get smart if you want we got stupid guns/
Twist a n*gga cap like I’m opening a beverage/
F*ck ya deal f*ck ya sales f*ck if you got leverage/
Youse a c*cks*cker – I’ma block hugger/
Hit the club and it’s movie time – blockbuster/ – J-Hood


4. On Da Grind

As evident by the multiple tracks on this drop, Hood is a busy dude. He is currently working on a album with west coast vet Yukmouth, famously known for being one-half of the platinum selling group Luniz. He is also working on a book as well as a movie and has just leaked a track from his upcoming solo LP Book Of Joshua 2 called “Wake Up N*gg*z”. Rap remains his priority though, and throughout this mixtape Hood leaves no doubt he’s still at the top of his game. He has a commendable perseverance and can spit bars with the best of them. Other bangers to check for on Featuring Hood include “Lifer”, “2 Way Street”, “It’s On”, “Low Key”, “The Bs” and “Go In”.

5. Features

As stated earlier, this tape is a collection of the latest Hood highlights. This release is presented by Super, DJ Far & DJ Piombo.



  1. Dean Rupcic

    Hood started out on fire, that Bullet Proof Hoodies freestyle and a bunch of other tracks were hot. Then even when he was with D-Block that venom seemed to disappear.

  2. Jay ralph

    It’s good to see Hood persevere after all the hate he was getting. The D-Block stans were hating on him HARD.

  3. GMoneythe3rd

    Hood got some heat on here, a lot of yall still hate him over that D-Block situation. Get over it. All of the LOX have recorded with G-Unit by now anyway. Just Sayin.

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