The Iconic Haus Clothing: “Exceed Expectation & Go Beyond What The Norm Is”



Bored with looking like everyone else? Need to step out with some fresh clothing? Always struggling with what to wear?

Today, check out The Iconic Haus owner/creative director Jerrilyn “Ms. Jay” Lind give you her top five reasons her brand is worth picking up! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own The Iconic Haus hat!]

Reason 1: The Message

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My first reason for why people should buy The Iconic Haus is because of what the brand promotes. It promotes and encourages people – both male and female – to go to the next step whether it’s in their career, their personal life or social life. It could be education. Just don’t settle. Always push yourself to go to the next step and be better than the person you were the day before. Exceed expectation and go beyond what the norm is. A lot of people are very complacent in their everyday life and I’m about constantly going forward and beyond. It’s about pushing the envelope. [BUY YOUR ICONIC HAUS GEAR NOW! CLICK HERE!]

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