“Her” Movie Passes – “Spike Jonze Has Set A Standard & ‘HER’ Definitely Meets It”



The winter is not showing any signs of slowing down and unless you enjoy counting snowflakes and watching the local news give you 24/7 coverage of snowstorm safety tips, you are ready to bust out of your crib. Today, peep the top five reasons you need to check out Spike Jonze’s new HER flick on the big screen.

1. Spike Jonze


If you ever needed a reason to go and check out HER, look no further than Spike Jonze. He has directed some pretty remarkable films and is one of Kanye West’s favorite go-to directors. Jonze has set a standard and HER definitely meets it.

2. Valentine’s Day, Anyone?


What better movie to get the jump on V-Day than HER? It’s a movie that meshes modern day technology and love all into one. Show your inner side to your significant other and head out to theaters for a special film.

3. The Usual Suspects


This isn’t a B-movie, you have serious star power starting with Joaquin Phoenix. His track record speaks for itself and the way he steals your attention in this film will give you a whole new appreciation for him.

4. Scarlett Johansson


What better actress to feature in HER than Scarlett Johansson? She’s only one of the hottest women in Hollywood and, much like Phoenix, has a serious history behind her. You can expect Scarlett to win you over.

5. Golden Pride


HER has received three Golden Globe nominations. There’s hundreds of movies that come out each year but we all know many get overlooked or do not receive huge recognition. HER is a certified must-see and the Golden Globe panel agrees.


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