Hazel Rose’s “The Seed” Album: “We’re Here To Take The Torch & Represent The Next Wave Of Bay Area Music”



Tired of hearing the same raps? Want to step away from the mainstream and see what the underground has going on? Ready to be blown away with ear-oozing tunes?

Today, check out music diva Hazel Rose’s top five reasons you should buy her new “The Seed” album right now! [Make sure to read each reason to win your own “The Seed” album!]

Reason 1: Work = Love

The first reason you should cop “The Seed” is because music is the love of my life. My driving force. And I would never do wrong by my boo:) The key to this project is awakening that love in the hearts of anyone listening. I believe Love is one of my strongest powers and also one of the greatest largely untapped powers to fight the forces of destruction all around us. I don’t want my music to bring you down, I want it to rise you up.

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Reason 2: We’ve Dedicated Our Lives To Doing This Music Sh*t

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