Glitzy Lips - 1

From Katy Perry to the rest of the world’s biggest pop stars, GlitzyLips is spicing up life across the globe. GlitzyLips are “lip-popping foil designs that won’t fade, flake or foul for at least eight hours,” so how could you go wrong? Want to spice up your life with Hollywood’s hottest trend? Check out President/CEO AthenA Elliott’s top five reasons to rock with GlitzyLips.

1. Spice Up Your Life

Readers should purchase GlitzyLips if they are looking for a new way to spice up their look! Unlike typical lipsticks and glosses that add a little shine or color, GlitzyLips is an edgy addition to any outfit that that pops with shine and draws attention. Give your lips the attention they deserve!
Reason 2: Lipstick On Steroids

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