G-Unit’s “50 Cent Is The Future” 15-Year Anniversary Mixtape: “Lloyd Banks Earned His Punchline King Stripes On Here”

Are you a fan of the classics? Tired of hearing washed up raps? Want to make it a throwback even if it’s not Thursday?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should download/stream G-Unit’s 50 Cent Is The Future 15-year anniversary mixtape! [Make sure to read each reason and listen to it for yourself!]

Reason 1: The Best G-Unit Mixtape – Ever

The first reason you should download/stream G-Unit‘s 50 Cent Is The Future mixtape is because it’s simply the best release they ever put out. While others like No Mercy, No Fear and God’s Plan are notable, 50 Cent Is The Future ultimately set the table for the greatness which followed. If you need a history lesson on the Unit, you have to start here.

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