Fusion’s “Big Papi Needs A Job” Show: “This Season He Will Have A Wide Range Of Gigs To Skim Through”

Big Papi Needs A Job

Bored with what’s on TV? Find yourself sleeping through shows? Need something fresh and new?

I’ll be honest. I’m a Seattle Mariners fan. Watching the American League means I saw plenty of David Ortiz killing Seattle pitching, among other things. Certain players regardless of how much you despise their franchise, you can’t help but like and respect (pretty much how I feel about Lebron James). David Ortiz has been retired almost two years now, and like the rest of us, it’s time to start that next chapter of your life after you close one. The soon to be Hall of Famer is no different. “Big Papi Needs A Job” follows David Ortiz as he hopes to start the next chapter of his life. Even though I am sure most of you are New York Yankees fans, here’s why you should watch Big Papi’s new Fusion series.

Reason 1: David Ortiz’s Personality


He is hunting for his new career, in Boston of course. Why would he go anywhere else? Ortiz can’t really go anywhere without someone knowing his face or name. How he interacts with these people speaks volumes about the type of person he is on and off the field. He really looks like he’s having a blast with these folks trying to teach him their craft.

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