FRUSH Picked – The Lacie Sphere

If you own a computer/laptop, there’s no excuse. You need this!

It’s rare to get excited or hyped over something that’s necessary, especially in your office/desk. Think about it. When’s the last time you were excited about receiving a pack of pens? How about some printer paper? Well, it’s time to get pumped over one of the hottest-looking back-up portable storage drives of 2014. It’s called The Lacie Sphere (or just Sphere) and being half the size of a softball and weighing just over a pound, this little goodie can hold an entire 1 TB of storage. So whether you’re stacked on music, have some NSFW content or a bunch of other goodies, this will hold you down. Oh, no need to plug it into an outlet, it just uses a USB connection to your computer and your’e good. At $490 and dropping later this month, add some spice to your workplace! 

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