FRUSH DAILY – Trip Lee’s Must-Haves: “I Love Having My iPhone & iPad”

[SOHH/getFRUSH ask your favorite entertainment stars what’s their essential must-haves from Monday through Sunday in FRUSH Daily. Today, Reach Records’ Trip Lee admits he’s gadget-heavy.]

I love having my iPhone with me and my iPad. Those are things I like to have with me when I’m traveling. Unless I have some serious writing I have to do, I usually have my iPad with me.

But I also love my GoPro camera. What I love about the GoPro is that during my whole album-making process, I was able to just clip it all over the studio and get dope footage. At the BET Music Matters event [in New York], I had the GoPro working and it’s another way for me to connect with my fans.

I think my favorite social media is Twitter. It’s the one that I most naturally gravitate toward. I can post questions on there. When I asked people about where I should get a slice of pizza from in New York, I immediately had probably one hundred-plus mentions.

I get hundreds of responses right away. For me, that’s the easiest and quickest way to connect to my fans. I like Vine too but I’m too much onto it.

Anytime you’re a public figure, you’re going to get some type of criticism. On Twitter, it’s just so easy to say something so crazy and not being accountable for it. I’ve had people tell me they don’t like my music or going at me for things I’ve said publicly, they’ll be mad at me for different reasons.

I mostly get positive responses though.

I can’t be on Twitter all day otherwise I’ll just break. People don’t act like they do in the real world on social media. If you just go by what you see on social media, it’ll drive you crazy. I like to go on there and peek in on what’s going on.

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