French Montanta – Excuse My French

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1. Follow Me Or Don’t

I don’t give a f*ck if you get it or not. That’s how I feel ’cause at the end of the day, if you a French Montana fan and if you somebody that follow me then you already know that I give my all, my heart to everything. If you even questioning getting it or not, or the only song you know is “Pop That” then…I feel like if you love the music [and] you love the movement then you’re gonna get my album. I don’t give a f*ck if you get it or not. It doesn’t make me a difference, but if you’re a real fan then you’re gonna get it.

2. New York’s Savior

I think I’m the hottest to come out of New York in like 10 years. That should be something. Hip-hop created me, and the streets picked me as a guide.

3. Heartfelt Music

It’s actually music I made from my heart—not that I have one—but it’s actually music I made from my heart, and I love it. I woke up sad sometimes [and] made a sad song; woke up happy and made a happy song. I woke up, and “Pop That” at times and you know, just bust it open.

4. Worth My Life

I almost lost my life doing [this]. That’s a reason. If I almost lost my life then you know it means something to me.

5. High As A Kite

I was higher than a giraffe when I made [the album]. I was high as sh*t. High like a f*ckin’ astronaut.


  1. DataOrginata

    Just like most new rappers, his choruses and lyrics are like nursery rhymes over the fastest beats a computer can generate. Garbageeeeeee….

  2. Brandon Pitts

    I’m a French fan but this album is about to flop soooooooo motherfuckin hard its not even funny….

  3. Jose Maria

    Nigga u aint the best to come out in 10 years. Sure ur hot at times but max b carried ur ass on songs n in my opinion ASAP is whats poppin. Trust me nigga i skipped mad verses of urs on max bs mixtapes.

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