“Everybody Wants Some!!” Blu-ray: “There’s 45 Minutes Of All The Cool Stuff Richard Linklater Put Us Through”

Everybody Wants Some!! Blu-ray

Are you tired of watching the same movies? Too hot to go outside? Want something to stay in and watch with some buds?

Today, check out actor Juston Street’s top five reasons you should buy the new “Everybody Wants Some!!” on Blu-ray right now! [Make sure to peep each reason to enter to win your own copy from getFRUSH/SOHH.com!]

Reason 1: Timeless

The first reason you should buy “Everybody Wants Some!!” is because [director] Richard Linklater makes timeless movies. Every one of his movies you could watch over and over. Take “Dazed & Confused” for example. People could watch that 20 times and I’m not even a superfan. I have just ‘seen’ it.

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