Lip Lock

EVE - 1

It’s been 11 years since the Ruff Ryder’s First Lady released a studio album of her own, but she’s decided more than a decade away from the scene is too long so tomorrow she’s back at it with the release of her 4th studio album, Lip Lock. With only a handful of women at the forefront of the hip-hop scene, Eve is returning to give fans everything they’ve been missing—paw prints and all. So if you’re ready for the return of one of hip-hop’s leading ladies, check out Eve’s top five reasons to cop Lip Lock.

1. Real Music From Beginning To End

Most albums these days only have a few good songs fans put on replay because everything else is just a space filler, but that’s not the case here. Lip Lock has is something people can listen to from beginning to end. There’s no pressing the skip button every 4:58.
Reason 2: Something For The People

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