“Entourage” Prize Pack Sweepstakes – “You’re Going To See Turtle Get Whooped By Ronda Rousey!”

Entourage Movie

Do you need a new movie to get excited about? Wanna call up the buds and see a hilarious flick? Love bromance flicks?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should watch “Entourage” when it arrives in theaters Wednesday, June 3! [Be sure to read each reason and enter to win the “Entourage” prize pack sweepstakes!]

Reason 1: It’s Finally Here

The first reason you should watch “Entourage” in theaters June 3 is because the gang is finally here! We’ve been hearing all about the long-awaited “Entourage” flick coming together and the waiting is done! Turtle! Vince! Eric! Johhnnnnnnnny! Everyone is back and ready to explode with their typical antics!

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Reason 2: Binge-Worthy Excuse

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