Energe’s Shouldn’t Be Surprised EP: “This Is An Opportunity To Connect On A Personal Level”

Shouldn't Be Surprised EP

Are you tired of the music out right now? Do you need something different in your life? Want to enhance your playlists?

Today, check out hip-hop artist Energe‘s top five reasons to grab his new Shouldn’t Be Surprised EP premiere right now!

Reason 1: The Flows

NO flow/cadence is the same. I’m always coming up with something different from before.

Reason 2: The Lyrics

Strong lyrics and content are relevant and relatable in 2018.

Reason 3: The Feel

Music you can FEEL. This is an opportunity to connect on a personal level.

Reason 4: The Norm

It is but it isn’t the normal sound of the industry today.

Reason 5: The Bottom Line


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Peep below to listen to Energe’s new EP!

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