DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick – Summertime Vol. 4


It’s hot in the middle of July, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick have something nice and cool to accompany listeners on their journey. This is the forth volume of the continued “Summertime” series thus far. It’s a solid dedication to fun times under terrific weather conditions. This mixtape will definitely put you in a chill state of mind. Two phenomenal deejays at the helm bringing fans the best of vintage memories on wax.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download “Jazzy Jeff and Mick –
Summertime Vol. 4”

1. Grooving Sounds

“Summertime Vol. 4” is a real nice project that will take you down memory lane. It’s a thorough showcase of R& B and Hip Hop tunes mixed to perfection. Jazzy Jeff and Mick are masters in crafting together a playlist that will always entertain a crowd. This release has something for everyone and would be an ideal look at the next barbecue or social event. This is the 4th installment of their series. These gentlemen put a lot of creative thought and clever configuration into their mixes and it deserves to be recognized. The artform and true techniques of a deejaying is making a mainstream return with shows like the VH1 “Masters Of The Mix” so its only natural two of the best with their craft make this an every year affair.


2. Mick No Boogie

The deejay formerly known as Mick Boogie now just goes by the name Mick. He states on his twitter bio, “Formerly known as Mick Boogie but then I grew up.” The Poland, Ohio native is one of the games most gifted deejays and has put together a amazing discography as well. Drops like the 2006 “Pre Up” hosted by Eminem and Alchemist, the 2007 “And Justice For All” with Little Brother and the amazing Dilla-Gence with J Dilla and Busta Rhymes are still highly regarded works to this day. One of his most popular releases, the Coldplay and Jay-Z fusion “Viva La Hova” showcases the natural dexterity behind the boards Mick possesses.


3. Jazzy Joints

Jazzy Jeff is a name not just synonymous with Hip Hop but with Pop culture as well. He was a featured cast member on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” with his music partner Will Smith. He’s a deejay to the core though, and one of the best behind the turntables with gold and platinum selling albums to his credit. He has had continued longevity expanding his skills to production and travels across the world on a regular basis exhibiting his expertise. The West Philly native also commands heavy respect not just locally but internationally too. From the late 90’s till now he’s worked with artists such as Eminem, Mac Miller and Black Eyed Peas.

4. Switch It Up

The great thing about this mixtape is it’s sequencing and continuity. It’s such a diverse project. The tunes jump seamlessly from different time periods and stay within a groove all relative to happy times and beautiful weather. One of the most important attributes for a deejay to have is musical knowledge. Listening to “Summertime Vol 4.”, you’re going to get a enjoyable history lesson of a vast array of classic music.


5. Features

“Summertime Vol. 4” features throwbacks from Jay-Z, Prince, Ghostface, Outkast, Sade, Jill Scott, R. Kelly, Diamond D, Sister Sledge and so many more. The versatility of songs and range of artists and eras are exceptional. Peep the Talib Kweli freestyle over the classic Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff hit “Summertime” at the start and let it rock from there. Quality cuts at its finest.


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