Desiigner’s Life Of Desiigner EP: “Free Taste Of Greatness”

Life Of Desiigner

Do you need some new music? Tired of hearing the same raps? Want to turn up at the start of your work and school week?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should download Desiigner’s new Life of Desiigner EP.

Reason 1: Surprise!

The first reason you should get your hands on Desiigner’s new Life of Desiigner EP is because it legit came out as a surprise. For all of the major announcements Kanye West made about G.O.O.D. Music artists like Pusha T and Teyana Taylor having new albums and projects coming out – not to mention Nas’ long-awaited new album – Desiigner caught the very quiet end of things with no buzz going on for him. That all changed instantly when he announced last Thursday about plans to drop a fresh project sharply at midnight. The surprise factor alone is reason enough to check this out.

[The EP is way better than you think…]

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