Denzel Washington’s Roman J. Israel, Esq.: “He’s The G.O.A.T. Of Hollywood & This Is A Must-See”

Denzel Washington Roman J. Israel Esq.

Reason 4: A Break

The fourth reason you should go out and see Denzel Washington‘s Roman J. Israel, Esq. is because this is a break from the superhero movies. Let’s be honest and real, superhero flicks are awesome but they can get a bit tiring. With so many big, action-packed superhero movies out, it’s time to bring things back to reality and get with a story that’s not only relatable but intriguing as well. When you look at real-life situations like what Meek Mill is going through, a film like Roman J. Israel, Esq. is the type of flick you need in your life right now.

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