Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer 2: “Summertime Action’s Back!” [Grab Your Free Screening Passes Now!]

Tired of watching the same movies? Could you use a little action in your life these days? Want to see Denzel Washington put in that work?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should go see The Equalizer 2 when it hits theaters Friday, July 20 and grab you early movie screening passes while supplies last!

Reason 1: The Denzel Factor

The first reason you should go see The Equalizer 2 when it arrives in theaters Friday, July 20 is because it stars none other than Denzel Washington. Let’s not act like he’s been in just a few amazing movies. Washington’s career goes back years – rather decades and it’s been classics after classics after classics. Whether you remember him in gems like Philadelphia and Mo’ Better Blues or other Spike Lee gems like He Got Game and The Inside Man – or how about Remember The Titans? Denzel Washington has already delivered with his films and his track record as of late is pretty amazing. Whether it was last winter’s Roman J. Israel or the well-done Fences – Denzel brings his all to films and he’s built a legit franchise with The Equalizer. This jam-packed flick comes four years after the first box office smash and raises expectations even higher.

[The NBA even joined in on the promo hype…]

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