Coast To Coast Sailing Co.: “We Create The Wave”



The annual holiday gift guide has finally arrived! From now through December 30th, check out the hottest must-haves and check out the top five reasons you should get them!

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy fashion brand Coast to Coast Sailing Co.! [Make sure to read each reason and grab your own gear!]

Reason 1: Creative Vision


In the unreleased Holiday Capsule, the brand outlines four very dominant pieces which include the Blue “Make Wave$” hoodie. “This hoodie represents where I see the company now says Evan Mann, part owner of CtC. We’ve learned a lot from our past mistakes and are confident in who we are as a brand. That confidence is what allows us to make waves in fashion to achieving the success we’ve been working for.” [CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR GEAR!]

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