Clams Casino’s INSTRUMENTALS 4 Mixtape: “Vince Staples, Danny Brown & A$AP Ferg’s Beats Are All On Here”

Clams Casino

Do you want some fresh tunes? Tired of hearing uninspiring raps? Are you a huge fan of dope instrumental projects?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should check out Clams Casino‘s new Instrumentals 4 mixtape! [Make sure to read each reason and listen to it for yourself!]

Reason 1: Your Fave Beats

The first reason you should download/stream Clams Casino‘s new Instrumentals 4 mixtape is because it’s simply awesome and you’re going to hear some of your favorite rappers’ beats on here. Vince Staples, Danny Brown and A$AP Ferg’s beats are all on here. Or rather, the beats they rapped on are on Clams’ new mixtape. Whether you mess with Vince’s “Norf Norf” and “Summertime” or A$AP Ferg’s “Uncle” – or how about Danny Brown’s “Worth It” – this is definitely a respectable project to add to your stash.

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