“Chocolate City” DVD – “Vivica Fox’s In This Movie & She Kills It”

Chocolate City DVD

Tired of boring flicks? Need a movie that’ll keep your girl smiling and have you laughing? Want to drop a few bucks on a movie you’ll love?

Today, check out Hollywood actor Robert Ri’chard top five reasons you should buy his new “Chocolate City” DVD today! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own “Chocolate City” DVD!]

Reason 1: Robert Ri’chard

The first reason you should buy “Chocolate City” is because the movie is star-studded. The thing about “Chocolate City” that I love is it’s an ordinary guy in an extraordinary experience. We all understand the lengths we will go to take care of our family but we get to watch the length that my character, Michael, goes to look out for his mom. If that means getting out on stage in your underwear, really shaking what your mama gave you, that’s what my character does. I take life very seriously and my character carries the whole film. That’s the number one reason you should see the number one movie of the summer, “Chocolate City.”

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Reason 2: Tyson Beckford

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