Capone-N-Noreaga’s “Lessons” Album – “You Can’t Go Wrong W/ A CNN Album! We’re Always Going To Give You Street Sh*t”


Love New York hip-hop? Want to expand your music stash? Need a supply of dope Big Apple tunes?

Today, check out hip-hop artist Capone’s top five reasons you should buy CNN’s new “Lessons” album! [Be sure to read each reason to win your own copy!]

Reason 1: Change The Game

The first reason you should buy “Lessons” is because it’s a different set of music than what’s out there right now. We’re just trying to bring a different atmosphere to the music game than what’s out right now. It’s not saying I don’t like what’s out right now, I love it, but as core CNN fans, we’re just trying to reach our fans that started with us when we were 18 that’s not 30-something-plus. We’re trying to give them a breath of fresh air and give them that feeling back.

[Do you want your own copy? Keep reading.]

Reason 2: You Know Our Name

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