5 Reasons You Should Buy: Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen On Digital HD + Blu-Ray – “A Must-Own”

The wait is over – one of the most exciting, twist-driven, and action-packed thrill rides of 2020 is finally on all forms of home entertainment. Today, director Guy Ritchie‘s The Gentlemen is available on both Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD platforms.

Here are the top five reasons you should add this must-see movie to your collection. [Ready to own your own copy? Click here to purchase your Blu-ray right now!]

Reason 1 – The Gentlemen Is A Must-Own

There are always movies with big strengths and a few weaknesses. Whether it’s a comedy with no real storyline or an action movie packed with too many explosions – it’s hard to find perfection in Hollywood. That all stops here. Director Guy Ritchie’s visual masterpiece is absolutely stunning from the beginning to the last scenes. If you’re looking for a true thrill-ride with amazing acting, a cast you can’t believe are featured in the same film and even a few tear-jerking moments – this is it.

Reason 2 – The Cast Is Brilliant

It’s tough to get some of the biggest names in Hollywood to land in the same movie, especially when you’re dealing with a mesh of Academy Award winners, movie and TV superstars and a director to the extent of Guy Ritchie – but it’s brilliantly pulled off in The Gentlemen. Matthew McConaughey leads the pack but amazing chemistry with slews of stars make this excellent. Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery and Colin Farrell to name a few? The punches they bring with their characters too? Priceless.

Reason 3 – Rotten Tomatoes Numbers Don’t Lie

It’s always a challenge when you’re dealing with critics and audiences. How often do you find both audiences and your favorite critics on the same page? How about with The Gentlemen? Rest assured – the numbers are in and they’re extra fresh. From critics giving this a 74% freshness as of April 21, 2020 and audiences loving it with 84% – everyone wins. While numbers don’t always tell the whole story, these stats are enough to give the most critical moviegoer enough confidence to go all-in on this release.

Reason 4 – True Digital HD Glory

While it’s hard to argue to power of Blu-ray, there is something extra special about owning The Gentlemen on Digital HD. With everyone staying in quarantine right now around the world, the convenience of streaming is a life-saver. Spending the bulk of your day binge-watching shows like Netflix’s “Tiger King” is there any easier feature than switching to your digital platform preference and starting up the perfect stay-in movie? The luxury of owning the Blu-ray copy – though – is getting the beauty of stunning Blu-ray quality and also having a Digital HD code for your viewing pleasure. The best of both worlds.

Reason 5 – The Amazing Bonus Content

If you’re the type obsessed with great bonus content, you’re in luck with The Gentlemen. While a photo gallery and cannabis glossary are worth checking out, it’s truly the behind the scenes of The Gentlemen set to blow you away. Getting up-close with your favorite actors and actresses along with seeing how much work went into this blockbuster smash.

The Gentlemen is now available on both Digital HD and Blu-ray/4K.
Click here to purchase your copy now!

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