BlueAnt: Pump HD Sportsbuds – “Train, Play, Live, Unleashed – W/ The Ultimate Multi-Sport Headphone”

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Trying to get right for the summer? Need to hit the gym but are your old headphones really not cutting it? Want to exercise and workout but can’t rock the same headphones for each activity?

Today, check out the top five reasons you need to pick up a pair of BlueAnt: PUMP HD Sportsbuds right no! Make sure to read each reason for a chance to win your own pair!

Reason 1: All Covered

Train, play, live, unleashed – with the ultimate multi-sport headphone. PUMP delivers Energize HD Audio unmatched by wireless rivals in an ultra-rugged design. Let the beat set the pace. Energize HD Audio: thundering bass, smooth mids, crisp treble, & sharp, yet subtle highs, together comprise Energize HD Audio – an audiophile-grade music experience unmatched by wireless rivals. [Your headphones await! Keep reading!]

Reason 2: Rugged Design

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