Big Doxx – Real Spit

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Doxx - Real Spit

Thanks to social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter, you can find some really passionate artists within the culture we love called Hip-Hop. A link for Real Spit by Big Doxx caught my attention in a Facebook post. I’m always open to give obscure artists a listen because radio tends to beat the listener in the head ad nausea um with mediocrity.

Upon clicking the link and observing the album cover I wanted this to be a certified banger. The album cover is a modified skull and cross bones with 8 track reels for eyes, equalizer nostrils and microphones for cross bones. I’m thinking, ok not your typical album cover means not your typical album.

Doxx comes through with classic hip hop that doesn’t feel dated or like he is out to replicate what has been done before. The beats are hard body with thumping baselines and soul that you can’t help but nod your head in appreciation too. Stand out cuts like Renaissance Man and Cadillac Music/That’s Love are worthy of a repeat with each listen feeling better than the previous. Call it Morning samples Gil Scott Heron, who many consider one of the godfather’s of our music, and showcases Doxx’s affinity and passion for his craft. If you sample Gil Scott Heron anything less than a serious track is uncivilized.

In an era where a calendar year can yield from a Commercial Artist an album and two mix tapes, you would be led to believe that quantity is how you leave a mark in the fabric of rap music. Well Doxx doesn’t need to give quantity because the quality of Real Spit is enough to keep the masses salivating for more. As fans, we must hold artist accountable for musical excellence; Doxx, not only an artist but a fan of the culture, comes through strong holding himself accountable for quality music.

Well Done.


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