Behind The Scenes at The Soul Man


Last week, Get Frush was invited to take a sneak peek at the inner workings of a television sitcom. We trekked to CBS Radford for a trip behind the camera to see how one of our favorite shows, The Soul Man, is made.


Getting to be on a studio lot was amazing. The first stop on our tour (after a hearty breakfast – thanks Craft Services!) was wardrobe where we took a look at all of the cast’s outfits for the season. The costume designer spoke about the clothes, noting that they specifically chose outfits ranging from high end, designer pieces to more affordable, ready to wear selections from Target or J.C. Penney. Designers also have a huge inspiration boards to help them figure out every actor’s look.; from Niecy Nash, to Cedric The Entertainer and Wesley Jonathan, everyone has their own unique style.



After dropping by the wardrobe trailer, we were on to watch rehearsals. We sat by as Cedric The Entertainer brought the laughs while reciting lines for an upcoming episode. Not only were we in tears, but so was the cast and crew! After a scene in the church sanctuary, everyone moved on to an elaborate banquet setting to film in their Sunday best. After filming wrapped, everyone piled out of the studio and feasted on a BBQ lunch, celebrating the end of a phenomenal season.


Missed an episode? Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 10:30PM to TV Land where you can catch an all new episode of The Soul Man. Check out a blooper below and be sure to watch tomorrow night!

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