America Gasket V8 Case: “When’s The Last Time You Saw A Design This Awesome?”



Are you tired of getting scratches and dents all over your smartphone? Need a quick, cool and stylish solution ASAP? Today, peep the top five reasons an America Gasket V8 case will make a perfect fit for your phone!

1. Vroom Vroom


The unique design brings out the motor head in you. When’s the last time you saw a design this awesome? There’s a lot of cases in the world but something that looks this stylish? You’re bound to receive some attention from your peers, especially the opposite sex.

2. Quick & Easy


This provides a lightweight solution for your device. Face it, there’s a lot of heavy cases that are more of a burden than relief. Not only is your phone secure, it’s not going to add massive amounts of weight.

3. Protect Ya Phone


It offers protection to your phone. The main reason anyone wants a case is for the protection it gives you. Not only are you good if you have an accident, like dropping your phone during the Super Bowl XLVIII party you’re at, but it looks pretty cool next to the bowl of chips and dip.

4. Man Up


This case allows you to show off your manliness. Don’t have enough time to hit the gym? Just whip out your Gasket V8 case and show your phone is packing muscles. The design speaks for itself.

5. How About Some Awesome?


Can you say awesome? What other reason do you need than the simple fact it really is the hottest phone case you’ve seen ever? Oh yeah, you also see the cleaning units to keep your phone even more protected and stylish?


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