Akoo Holiday Collection: “We’re Slept On & It’s Time To Wake Up That Beast”


Akoo Clothing Brand

Do you need to get freshly dressed? Tired of rocking the same stitches? Want to stand out from your friends?

Today, check out Akoo Clothing VP of Marketing Sabai Burnett’s top five reasons you should check out the brand’s new holiday collection! [Be sure to read each reason and enter to win your own gear!]

Reason 1: The Quality

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.16.14 PM

The first reason you should buy Akoo’s holiday collection is because of the brand’s quality and design approach. Without question, no matter what, for the money you spend, you can always know that these are going to be timeless pieces that you can keep around for a lifetime because of its quality. We offer you quality garments and clothing. At the end of the day, not a lot of people can say that. If it’s not Akoo, then after one wash, it could be a wrap.

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